Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Been a While

So I just realized that I've been neglecting my duties as a blogger. I've had a pretty crazy week and a lot has happened. The handsome fellow that you see to the left is my dog Caesar. This week I took him to the vet after I discovered he was bleeding and after an exam I was told that he has a tumor which may be breast cancer (which is rare in male dogs). So tomorrow morning at 8:15 am I'm taking him in to have his tumor removed, as long as there is no cancer that has metastasized to his lungs. Hopefully, everything will. Caesar, even though he's almost 14, has been the model of perfect health. Just last year I was told that he has the heart of a 7 year old.

On the business side of things, this month has been crazy. Business has skyrocketed allowing me to live like a relatively normal person. I've picked up a few spots in which to put my pots and I've decided on the markets and fairs that I'm going to be attending this season (stay tuned for a list!), and I've decided on a budget to put forth for advertising purposes. Now all I have to do is crank out a whole buttload of quality work over the next few months to keep my stock up. I've started making a few new forms in the studio, I'll be sure to post them up here once they're finished and I've tested them to make sure they're not crap. Anyways, until then, stay dirty!

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