Friday, January 29, 2010

A Life Update

So i just got home from work, and i decided that i'd jot down a quick post as an update to what's been happening in my life recently. This summer my landscaping and contracting business absolutely took off, to the point that i was working like 10 hour days 6 or 7 days a week! Finally, we finished up the season right around Christmas. After such a busy season we still have half of this upcoming season booked solid. But i've decided that as busy as i've been, i still need my creative outlet. While we were working i didn't step foot into my studio for almost five months. That was pretty hard for me. So i have already decided that this season WILL NOT be as hectic for me. We're hiring two full time employees this season, effectively organizing our time and focusing our efforts on one job at a time as opposed to trying to run multiple jobs at once.

Hopefully, in the end, this will mean that i can balance my landscaping business right along with Eoff St. Studios. I've been throwing like crazy while things are slow that just in case i don't get a lot of time in the studio i'll have a good stockpile of pots built up to last me through the busiest times of the season.

I've also, in my very limited spare time, began working on a few chairs that i'm refinishing. But i will save them and their progress for my next post, which i promise will not be in 9 months. In case you're wondering, the picture is one of the projects we completed this season. This was only phase one of this prject!!!

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